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I love reading and never have an actual book or a Kindle far from me. I’ll read any chance I can get for hours or just 10 mins when I get the opportunity. Below is a list of some of my favourite books, mainly on computing and software engineering and my quick personal review.


This is one of my favourite books on Common Lisp, and also Lisp in general. It’s a gentle guided walkthrough of the Lisp language driven by plenty of examples and explanations of some of the more brain-stretching aspects of programming in Lisp.

Software Engineering

This is one of those books that every software engineer should have to hand. A lot of it is just common sense, but it does come from one of the leading ‘common sense’ thinkers in the software industry and is backed by a wealth of experience


If you are looking to understand how to use Spring Boot/Cloud in the new Microservices Architecture landscape, this book is a great start

A book on Microservice


3rd edition of my ‘go-to’ book for all things Docker, Jenkins and CI/CD


I’ve looked at Go a few times now, but this book is the one that finally got me the ‘eureka’ moment about Go and its ecosystem. A great tutorial and exploration of Go the language and the ecosystem that surrounds it.


This book is currently blowing my mind, it’s a deep dive into how quantum computing will move the internet to its next stage of evolution. I think I maybe understand 20% of what is written and keep having to stop, get a cold towel around my head and go back a few days later to it, but it’s an amazing read