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Raspberry PI – Kubernetes

Based on the following pages

This tutorial will be built on my Pi Hat Cluster which consists of the following

PiMasterRaspberry Pi 4Controller
P1Raspberry Pi Zero 2Worker
P2Raspberry Pi Zero 2Worker
P3Raspberry Pi Zero 2Worker
P4Raspberry Pi Zero 2Worker
Pi Cluster Nodes

First we install K3 on the Controller node, PiMaster, after SSHing to the node, we download and install K3

Like most people we get an error installing it, so we need to modify the /boot/cmdline.txt as per the instructions here. At this point you need to apply the ‘cgroup_memory=1 cgroup_enable=memory’ settings into /boot/cmdline.txt in all 5 raspberry pis’

Once we have rebooted and made all 4 nodes are up and running by ssh’ing into each of them, we can continue the installation by first checking that its running on pimaster


Everything looks good but before we install the client onto each of our worker nodes we need 2 pieces of information

Now on each of the worker nodes running the following command